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My Approach to Therapy


I am skilled at helping clients with psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, as well as adjusting to new medical diagnoses.  I have developed my expertise in:

  • Boarding School trauma

  • Psychological supervision for NHS doctors and other clinicians 

  • Therapy for trainee psychotherapists: I am registered as a training therapist with 3 psychotherapy training organisations.


I offer both short term (6 sessions) and long term therapy depending on the client's needs and preferences.


I am happy to discuss your needs on the phone first.

We live in a fast paced, digitally connected world of varied work and fulfilling social opportunities. Yet never before has the rate of mental ill health been so high, with 1 in 4 of us suffering from a loss of well-being leading to mental illness.  

The high rates of stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, alcohol and drug abuse, divorce and suicide associated with modern living, particularly during the Covid 19 pandemic, suggest attention to self-care before becoming stressed, and particularly when we are, is more important than ever.  Phew! after reading that you will be pleased help is at hand.


Talking therapies are effective in preventing mental distress as well as a good treatment for psychological illness, burnout, anxiety and depression, whether arising from work, relationships or memories from the past. Meeting weekly offers us a chance of working through life’s challenges together.

The most important factor in successful therapy is that you get on with your therapist.  It is good practice to have an introductory session to see if we work well together.

How to Choose a Therapist?

         Is the therapist:

  • Qualified and accredited as a psychological practitioner?  

  • Accredited with a reputable organisation: UKCP, BACP or BPS?

  • Likely to understand your life and issues?

  • Within commuting distance to make weekly therapy a practical venture if meeting in person?

  • Has accreditation to work online?


For More information and an introductory assessment contact me:

07743 376708

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